dance-tech.TV is a worldwide FREE on-demand video platform focused on contemporary experimentation and innovation on the performance of movement.

dance-tech.tv produces  the dance-tech interviews as embedded_vlogger  and on-line collections of complete works of contemporary artists. They are presented and specially produced for the internet as a continuous networked documentary about the most innovative experiments on performing  and interdisciplinary arts.

dance-tech.tv is produced  and curated by Marlon Barrios Solano and its FREE for all its users/viewers.


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dance-tech.net aims to provide movement and new media artists, theorist, thinkers and technologists the possibility of sharing work, ideas and research, generating opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.dance-tech.net is focused on innovation, creative processes, collaborations and the impact of new media technology and interdisciplinary approaches on the performance of movement and life. It  facilitates trans-local collaborations and exchange allowed by the new internet.

dance-tech.net and dance-tech.tv are experiments on developing a sustainable and alternative infrastructure for knowledge production and distribution on innovaion in the performing arts.

It is supported by the generosity of its users and the creative community.

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Producer and curator

Marlon Barrios Solano