Performance Research Seminar, Brunel University, London (playlist)

The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University London organizes an annual performance research seminar series. Coordinated and curated by Johannes Birringer, a choreographer and professor of performance technologies at Brunel, the Performance Research Seminar Series began to be livestreamed to the dance-tech.TV since February 2009, and thus has accumulated a growing archive of seminars with a diverse range of subjects in the performing arts.

The Series is aggregated here, and includes workshops and performances from some of the annual Artaud Forum events held at the Artaud Performance Centre.

The series has been open to the public which is invited to participate in these encounters, lectures, screenings, physical and new media workshops and discussions. The presentations are focussed on new thinking in performance practices,new media arts, technologies, physical and digital/scientific creativity, and cultural production.

The series is coproduced by johannes birringer (Brunel University) and marlon barrios solano (

Johannes Birringer, curator