Loopdiver by Troika Ranch, Berlin

This is a capture of the broadcast of Loopdiver by TroikaRanch performed October 18, 2012 – 20h/8PM
Uferstudios Berlin, Germany

This is a capture of the broadcast of Loopdiver by TroikaRanch performed October 18, 2012 – 20h/8PM
Uferstudios Berlin, Germany
NOTE: the square (face recognition) that sometime appears on some of the dancers is not part of the piece.

The development of loopdiver began with a simple idea: to explore the concept of loops, a structure pervasive in culture since the popularization of the computer. We first created a 6-minute long performance that was complete in its own right, with movement, music, video and theatrical lighting; then, using a special software tool, we transformed a videotape of that performance into a 60-minute long choreographic ‘score’ from which we rigorously generated the live choreography. While the digital materials (video, sound, light) maintain the absolute precision and perfection of the computer, the learned choreography is necessarily imperfect due to human interpretation. When placed together on stage, we see the performers in a constant struggle to adapt to an externally imposed machine rhythm. loopdiver asks the viewer to join in on this simultaneously dreamlike and maddening journey as the performers attempt to escape their prisons of repetition. The meaning of the materials grows and changes as it appears again and again, ultimately challenging us to dive in a break free of our own repetitive and potentially destructive behavior.
Choreography: Dawn Stoppiello in collaboration with the performers
Videography & Music: Mark Coniglio
Dramaturgy: Peter C von Salis
Lighting Design: David Tirosh
Set Design: Colin Kilian
Production Manager: Jennifer Sherburn

Performers: Morgan Cloud, Jennifer Kovacevich, Johanna Levy, Travis Steele Sisk, Dawn Stoppiello and Lucia Tong.

Commissioning Partners: Lied Center for Performing Arts, Creative Campus Innovations Program (APAP and Doris Duke Foundation), the National Endowment for the Arts, 3LD Art & Technology Center, Jerome Foundation, Multi-Arts Production (MAP) Fund.

Broadcasting team:
Monica Duncan | camera
Kay Kastner | camera
Lenara Verle | chat moderator
Marlon Barrios Solano | direction and production

produced by marlon barrios solano
for dance-tech.tv and dance-tech.net

Partial chat transcript:

8:10 PM  Artdis: freezing happnes a lot in these types of things

8:10 PM  Lenara: Yes we have rght now the audience coming in

8:10 PM  Artdis: Image is totally o

8:10 PM  Artdis: gone

8:10 PM  Artdis: back to prerecorded

8:10 PM  Lenara: we’re now stopping and restarting in a few secs

8:10 PM  Lenara: hang on

8:10 PM  Gin: ok 🙂

8:11 PM  Lenara: should be back soon

8:11 PM  jb: freezing…now black screen…now back to intro video

8:11 PM  Artdis: Lenara what connectivity are you using? If you have a minute can you say?

8:11 PM  Artdis: IpV4?

8:12 PM  Lenara: thanks for the feedback we should be back on in a little bit… just tweaking some things to get a better connection

8:12 PM  primaldivine: running more smoothly for me now

8:12 PM  primaldivine: i have audio as well

8:12 PM  jb: me too

8:12 PM  Gin: me too 🙂

8:12 PM  Daniel: picture and sound, but still a hissing, like the gain is cranked up to high…

8:12 PM  HT: humming audio a bit

8:12 PM  primaldivine: i dont hear any hissing

8:12 PM  Gin: all good here

8:12 PM  Lenara: thanks again let’s see what we can do

8:13 PM  jb: gone again….

8:13 PM  UWI: hey lenara, it is jon!

8:13 PM  jb: low hum still there…

8:13 PM  Lenara: Hi Jon thanks for joining, from Portland?

8:13 PM  Artdis: no hum here

8:13 PM  Lenara: we’re working on the image & video quality issues

8:13 PM  UWI: yes indeed.  for a little bit anyway.  i may just be lurking.  busy day around house.

8:13 PM  Gin: all good visuals but no sound

8:13 PM  Lenara: shuld be getting better soon

8:13 PM  UWI: i am just here in case there is a chance *i* can dance. 🙂

8:13 PM  Daniel: low hum here, sounds like ground-humming

8:13 PM  Lenara: OK show’s about to start

8:13 PM  primaldivine: sound level very low now

8:14 PM  Gin: No sound

8:14 PM  jb: agree with daniel

8:14 PM  primaldivine: my volume is set to hiughest but level is very low

8:14 PM  Lenara: ok soon the show sound will start then let’s see how it sounds like

8:14 PM  primaldivine: ok, thanks

8:14 PM  Gin: ok sound

8:14 PM  JoestAV: Liverpool, UK.  Can hear water drops?

8:15 PM  jb: audio is good but hum still present

8:15 PM  primaldivine: I dont hear any hum.. but am on laptop speakers only

8:16 PM  Lenara: headphones should improve things if you have them around

8:16 PM  UWI: i am piping it thru sound system in living room

8:16 PM  UWI: helps

8:16 PM  jb: i thought mark said headphones or listening through audio system would provide best sound?

8:16 PM  UWI: (just dont suddenly do something loud)

8:18 PM  Artdis: headphones are good

8:20 PM  Artdis: intense hum

8:20 PM  primaldivine: not that I am on headphones I hear the ground hum too… quite loudly

8:20 PM  primaldivine: (soory, that should say “now” that I am om headphones

8:21 PM  Lenara: ok wrking on the sound transmition as levels are changing a lot during the performance here. thanks for the feedback.

8:22 PM  primaldivine: levels seem good… just the hum… that is troublesome

8:22 PM  Artdis: hum is continuious despite levels

8:23 PM  Lenara: might be our connection to the main sound table, we’ll see what we can do but don’t want to cut the sound off completely

8:23 PM  primaldivine: nice live stream camerawork 🙂 thanks for doing this

8:24 PM  Gin: my sound all good

8:24 PM  Lenara: Marlon is on the camera switch

8:24 PM  Lenara: I think it’s a pretty good job as well 🙂

8:24 PM  Gin: hello marlon…jeannette in south africa

8:24 PM  Gin: great mixing guys

8:25 PM  Lenara: Thanks. it’s great to be able to share this with you guys that are not here in Berlin

8:26 PM  UWI: yeah sound is working pretty well here.

8:26 PM  UWI: considering projecting this — but bright day here, might be pointless.

8:27 PM  Gin: do it

8:27 PM  Lenara: It will be recorded and available for future nighttime projections!

8:28 PM  Gin: ha, but the idea of immediacy is great

8:31 PM  Stan: lovely

8:32 PM  Artdis: that horn is loud!

8:32 PM  primaldivine: bit distractig.. the one camera person that has face detect turned on.

8:32 PM  Artdis: I like that

8:32 PM  Gin: moo

8:32 PM  Artdis: makes it techno

8:32 PM  Gin: me too

8:34 PM  Lenara: If you haven’t seen it live, the setup here is this: the space is divided, half the audience on each side and half the action, with the 3 screens in the middle

8:34 PM  Lenara: the tow cameras are focused on those two sides

8:35 PM  Lenara: two cameras

8:35 PM  Artdis: so when Marion does a fade, he is fading the two sides, right?

8:35 PM  Lenara: and you see a live mix of them

8:35 PM  Artdis: very helpful in term or orientaion in space

8:35 PM  Gin: VJ

8:35 PM  Lenara: yes, the cameras’ perspective is a bit different than the audience’s

8:35 PM  Artdis: yes, I was thinking about that a lot

8:36 PM  primaldivine: would be nice to see abit more of the screen imagery?

8:36 PM  Lenara: each side of the audience sees dancers from that side, then screens, then dancers from the other side, then audience fromthe other side

8:36 PM  Gin: more wide shots to get audience POV

8:37 PM  primaldivine: thanks Lenara for the explanation of the space

8:37 PM  Lenara: the screens have very subtle light on them, maybe later in the piece you will be able to see them better

8:37 PM  Lenara: the audience also doesn’t have much light on

8:37 PM  Artdis: but they have depth and presence, which we do not have – interesting contrast

8:38 PM  Lenara: unfortunately the camera eye can’t see so well this subtleties like the human eyes

8:38 PM  Artdis: yes, the brain is filling in a lot of the spatial details for people like us who are in essence seeing a flat pixellated screeen

8:39 PM  Gin: oh but I thik it amplifies certain ambiguities that live audiences do not see

8:39 PM  Lenara: we saw now a bit of the screens they look a bit like giant translucent scales

8:40 PM  Gin: all very haptic

8:40 PM  Stan: I remember Dawn talking way back about moving machinelike, I love it!

8:40 PM  primaldivine: I am in the countryside on a fairly slow connection, so delighted to have such a great picture and uninterrupted streaming. thanks! and well done!

8:41 PM  Lenara: the screens have been still so far but not for long… 😉

8:41 PM  Gin: haptic and affect images captured over live stream. I think the medium of delivery amplifies the intention of the work

8:42 PM  primaldivine: I agree with you, Gin

8:42 PM  Gin: 🙂

8:42 PM  Artdis: yes but no sound of dancers movements, or presence of their actuality

8:43 PM  primaldivine: are we hearing a mix of soundboard and ambient room sound?

8:43 PM  Lenara: we don’t have microphones to get the ambient sound we’re streaming directly what goes out of the speakers only

8:43 PM  Gin: but their presence i think “on stage” is very silent and probably about visual iterations of presence

8:43 PM  itch: i would like to know if the movement from the dancers has an effect on the sound, or not

8:43 PM  primaldivine: i do hear feet sometimes, but music quality is good

8:44 PM  Gin: fro me itsabout visual presence and image and not about th visceral

8:44 PM  db: powerful, but wish I was there…score is tremendous. It comes through.

8:44 PM  Lenara: the sounds you hear are all from the soundtrack not ambient

8:44 PM  Artdis: also when a dancer is cut mid body, from their trunk down, it mkes for a different experience

8:45 PM  Stan: @ itch: this is TroikaRanch:)?

8:45 PM  Lenara: Marlon is now trying to mic also some ambient sound

8:45 PM  Gin: is the sound triggered by their movements?

8:45 PM  Lenara: Yes this is the Troika Ranch performing Loopdiver

8:45 PM  UWI: it is crazy that livestreaming can detect faces in the live video…

8:46 PM  Gin: ok so? the diegetic sound is not all that NB

8:46 PM  primaldivine: its the camera of the live feed menu setting that detects the faces, no?

8:46 PM  Lenara: yes we have one camera stuck on that

8:46 PM  Stan: Who needs to understand?

8:46 PM  UWI: ah.. ok i see

8:46 PM  Lenara: it’s a bit far from the control board here

8:47 PM  Lenara: it’s the actual camera so would have to go there to change it

8:47 PM  itch: @stan oops am sorry first time i heard about Troika Ranch, is this an answer to my question? ;s

8:47 PM  Stan: @ itch: yep:)!

8:48 PM  Lenara: Hi Itch you can learn more about the Troika Ranch and the Loopdiver here: http://www.troikaranch.org/loopdiver-berlin.html

8:48 PM  Gin: would  be great if on could register diegetic sound as well as movement/visuals to generate sound scores

8:48 PM  itch: ok thanks

8:49 PM  Stan: @ Gin: is possible, but hey…

8:49 PM  Gin: biosensors as well as visual ones

8:49 PM  Lenara: and @Gin the soundtrack is prerecorded not interactive

8:50 PM  Gin: oh I thought it was

8:50 PM  ludmila: enjoying….

8:50 PM  Lenara: Oi Ludmila! 😉

8:51 PM  ludmila: hi dear!!!!

8:51 PM  Gin: @ Stan let stalk

8:51 PM  Jen Simmons: lovely music/movement

8:51 PM  ludmila: so nice work…digital poetry…

8:52 PM  Stan: @Gin not stalk ahaha, but fine

8:52 PM  Gin: yeah yeah

8:52 PM  Lenara: The “score” for the dancers is a video piece cut and edited with many loops they try to recreate and perform as close as possible as the video

8:53 PM  Jen Simmons: different…compelling

8:53 PM  Lenara: And the soundtrack reflects this editing style as well

8:53 PM  ludmila: rewind and fastfoward together…

8:53 PM  MJ: does one know how the sound was created?

8:53 PM  Lenara: Mark composed the soundtrack

8:54 PM  Jen Simmons: isn’t it Mark Coniglio’s soundtrack?

8:54 PM  Lenara: Not sure what software he used I can ask later

8:54 PM  ludmila: time to time my video comes with delay, it is also good…for the concept…

8:54 PM  Stan: @ MJ: Mark, C. sure he will talk about it sometime, somewhere, soon

8:55 PM  MJ: or even what is sound sorces were?

8:55 PM  Gin: the soundtrack makes me feel nauseous. great affect

8:57 PM  ludmila: who is making the video capture? do you know how many cameras recording?

8:57 PM  Jen Simmons: I am in California and getting good sound quality

8:57 PM  MJ: i have seen earlier versions but do they not have the dancers speak in the performance anymore

8:57 PM  Lenara: @Ludmila we have two cameras

8:57 PM  Lenara: Marlon is doing the video mix live

8:58 PM  ludmila: ok!!!

8:58 PM  Lenara: Rigt now we have dancers speaking

8:58 PM  Lenara: we have some hanging mics as part of the setup

8:59 PM  Jen Simmons: that’s quite interesting since dancers don’t usually talk

8:59 PM  MJ: ah yes but it is also in the soundtrack now as well

8:59 PM  MJ: @Jen… depends on what work you are seeing!

8:59 PM  Jen Simmons: i hope i’m seeing troika ranch…am i?

8:59 PM  primaldivine: just curious… all the lighting is form the top yes? from above?

9:00 PM  primaldivine: nice ending!

9:00 PM  Lenara: And that’s the end folks

9:00 PM  ludmila: ooooooohhhhhhhh

9:00 PM  Jen Simmons: clap clap!!!!!!!!!!!

9:00 PM  Artdis: thanks so much, this was great to see

9:00 PM  primaldivine: I love those final visuals. yes big claps

9:00 PM  Lenara: Thanks so much for joining us

9:00 PM  Stan: Just great, thanks!

9:00 PM  primaldivine: is there a talk after?

9:00 PM  JoestAV: Whoop whoop! Bravo…

9:01 PM  Jen Simmons: thank you for webcasting! so coool!!!!!

9:01 PM  primaldivine: well done everyone!

9:01 PM  ludmila: thanks lenara and marlon!!!!!

9:01 PM  lola: very nice

9:01 PM  primaldivine: yes thanks!

9:01 PM  Lenara: There was a talk a few days ago, it was also streamed and available at dance-tech.tv

9:01 PM  Jen Simmons: YAY DAWN AND MARK

9:01 PM  Cat: Clap clap clap!!!!

9:01 PM  Gin: thank you! great!

9:02 PM  Lenara: Thanks for the applause

9:02 PM  primaldivine: good audience

9:02 PM  Lenara: And for joining we had over 80 online viewers

9:02 PM  Jen Simmons: Great audience

9:02 PM  primaldivine: yep yep!

9:02 PM  Cat: Great! Thanks!

9:02 PM  Susanna: BRAVO to all!

9:02 PM  Lenara: The performance will be available afterwards

9:03 PM  Lenara: archived at dance-tech.tv

9:03 PM  Lenara: Marlon says a big hi

9:03 PM  Lenara: And sorry about any technical problems

9:03 PM  Lenara: We’re closing the video feed now

9:03 PM  Lenara: No Q&A today

9:03 PM  Lenara: but check out the talk, i’ll post the link wait



Broadcast produced by Marlon Barrios Solano

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