Stills of The Rite of Spring by Roger Bernat

Video/stills of The Rite of Spring by Roger Bernat
THE RITE OF SPRING by Igor Stravinsky

Staging by Roger Bernat based on choreography by Pina Bausch
Members of the audience are given three-channel headphones and welcomed into the performance space to the sound of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, one of the leading ballets from the last century, of which Pina Bausch made a historic version in 1975. Several voices can be heard – different ones on each channel. Voices in parallel that diverge and overlap. Spectators play the leading role in a show that is both a game and choreography.

Pictures made by BLENDA photographer – Mexico

About Marlon Barrios Solano/Producer

Marlon Barrios Solano (Venezuela/USA) works as an independent movement/new media artist, researcher, on-line producer/curator, vlogger, consultant and educator. He is the creator/producer/curator of dance-techTV, a collaborative internet video channel dedicated to innovation and experimental performing arts and its social network


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